Wireless connectivity and Audio Streaming
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Have you ever wished you could listen to Internet Radio in your car, send a live audio feed from anywhere to your studio, or have a mobile paging/intercom station for your Barix based campus emergency paging system ?

Well, this is now all possible and actually quite easy to achieve. The little gadget you need is called a “wireless access router or “3G Wireless router” or similar. Such devices are made by various manufacturers, and they typically allow you to connect Ethernet or Wireless, IP based devices to the internet via a mobile broadband connection.

Achievable data rates of course vary, depending on the technology, provider used, contract etc. Barix Audio devices support, depending on the model, various Audio Codecs, and with a modern 3G or 3.5G network connection, which you now get in many cities and areas of Europe, you can perfectly stream CD quality, stereo audio to a studio.
The typical CDMA or EVDO based networks, common in the US, are quite a bit slower (similar to EDGE in Europe, which you get almost everywhere now), but even these are quite suitable for audio streaming.

You can find a bit more information and one device suggestion on our wiki.

IP Audio Wiki now live !
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Hmm. how do you excuse being silent for months on a blog ?

Various reasons, i won’t bore you with them. But you can see the design has changed, and i will blog regulary now about interesting developments in the IP Audio area, as seen from a Barix view.

There is a new tool. The Barix wiki, you can find it here (http://wiki.barix.com). A lot of information about IP Audio applications, how to configure devices, background knowledge etc is already up there, and more is added every day. Give it a try – use the search function !
And please, let me know if you want us to cover any specific theme, either here on the IP Audio blog or on the wiki.