Use a PC for Music on Hold, Instore Audio or Streaming ?
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Read this post to understand how an Exstreamer-100 can save you its purchase price per year in energy savings.

A Barix customer had PCs available at no cost to him. He thought about using them for audio distribution for instore audio purposes through his stores nationwide distribution. Fortunately, he evaluated the cost of operations. Besides updating, mechanical failures and other service calls, the operation cost in terms of energy and cooling jumped into his mind.

24*365=8760 hours per year (this year even 24 more !). With a power requirement of approx. 200W, translating into 1752 kWh/year, the cost for the operation of the PC, just the power!, is roughly 175$ (at an energy price of 0.10$/kWh – and this is likely to raise and not drop !).

In contrast, the Exstreamer-100, Barix’ best selling Audio over IP device, needs only about 2W – or 1% – of the above amount. So for $1.75/year you can operate it.

In addition to the energy cost, you need to add the cost of energy for cooling (your Rack), depending on where you are located this can add significantly to the bill.

Well – you can guess, for the customer this was a striking advantage, the Exstreamer roughly pays back for itself with the energy savings every year ! And so they bought 1200 pieces, for savings of roughly $210k, EVERY YEAR.

Consider installing Barix to conserve natural resources – go green !