Barix Radio online!

Barix has cut a deal with DMD2, a swiss content provider, makers of

We launched Barix Radio!

Barix Radio is hosted by our friends at and provides a genuine mix of really good music, no ads, and is fully licensed in Switzerland, so you can listen to Barix Radio internationally for pleasure at home, in your office or even play it in your factory (you may owe local licensing in your country, something we cannot do for your or control).

Barix Radio, also serves as a nice test channel for Audio over IP applications, and we will preprogram the URL in the Streaming Client firmware so that you can instantly listen to nice music as soon as you have an internet connection (of course you can change that).

The stream is provided as a 128kbps MP3 stream, and an AACplus stream will follow soon.

Please provide feedback, either by our web contact form, or – of course, on the blog.