Barix exhibiting at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas
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Tomorrow DSE opens in Las Vegas – Barix showcases its Audio over IP distribution solutions at booth 1648.

Please come by at the booth to check out our IP Audio distribution solution, talk about the applications in your company and why you should switch from Satellite distribution to IP delivery of your shopping radio. This is probably especially interesting in these days where Muzak filed Chapter 11 and customers may wonder what is happening …
With a Barix IP distribution for retail radio, you can use the IP infrastructure for reliable distribution – you OWN the infrastructure, and you are NOT tied into one content provider or proprietary equipment.

And .. best of all, you can do very targeted streaming, individual on a per location basis.

When you come to the booth, mention the Blog for a little surprise, please 🙂


… and Sirius XM ails too
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Yesterday the news was about Muzak .. today it is the next gen satellite based delivery:

I guess more and more users of corporate music, instore audio, retail radio applications using these services will see that they are quite well “on hook” with proprietary hardware/distribution solutions.

Using Barix IP Audio devices for delivery is cost effective, uses existing connectivity (about all locations now have IP connectivity), and, since the introduction of AACplus v2 decoding capability in the popular Exstreamer product line, can use very low bandwidth for good audio quality distribution over the internet or intranet ! No need for dishes on the roof and cabling, “receivers” can be put anywhere where there is network connectivity …

And the best part of it: If an ISP, a content provider or even Barix goes belly up (filing chapter 11 is typically the first step to do so or change service models etc), the owner of the system, the user of the IP Audio distribution system, has the choice to pick other parnters. Barix IP Audio devices are standards based and use open interfaces – anyone can control and use them !

Visit us at Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas and check out an IP based audio streaming solution in real ! Or check out our special information page about IP Audio applications, especially for retail radio.

Muzak files Chapter 11 …
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Look at that … Muzak under bancruptcy protection … how much money they borrowed !

Using IP Audio distribution devices from Barix does not need hundreds of millions of investments, and those who use an IP based audio distribution solution for their instore, on-hold or elevator music needs can easily switch content providers …

Is this a first sign of the market disruptive IP audio distribution solutions giving problems to established players ? Barix Exstreamer IP Audio devices are used in many thousand locations where satellite dishes and proprietary content feed technologies were used before …

Those interested in the concepts of IP based IP Audio distribution to stores, hotels or franchises, check out the special instore audio info pages or go check out the website of a leader in IP Audio distribution products, Barix !


Instore Radio – shopping radio – elevator music ?

Certainly not !

Well programmed content is not percieved annoying, but rather giving the right feeling and grove in a store, mall or in shopping heaven.

This can be achieved with video much better – yes or no ?

Well … talk to the consumer. Look at human nature. When you go shopping (at least groceries), you typically have a plan, you know what you want. You may even be under time pressure.

How do you react if you get distracted .. by your friend who wants to convince you to drink a coffee with you, or – by some video in a store forcing itself into your mind ?

Let’s face it. We – at least males … according to the cavemen 🙂 – can only focus on one thing. One MAIN thing …

Have you ever tried to listen to radio and work at the same time ? Yes ? Chances are high it worked for you, you even can gain focus and energy – and occasional ads, news etc don’t harm too much. But guess what – even not feeling defocused, you can remember what was spoken about.

Now – try the same thing with video — have you ever tried to watch TV while working ? If so – i almost bet it does not work out for you, unless the work is very mechanic and does not need your head (ironing for example).

A video wall in the fashion store, making lots of light and noise and pulling in the crowd from the street to purchase that jeans they see moving on the screen – that may actually work well. But in most stores, customers are already inside with a plan – a shopping list, and the idea to get things done quickly.

Audio – Shopping Radio – can help to get things done more quickly by having a positive influence on the mind, and well placed ads in the programming can trigger the right thoughts with the shoppers. Without them being distracted, annoyed or feeling hijacked.

Some scientist may figure out why that is the case. For me it is logical. While being on the hunt or in front of our cave – in earlier times – we were able to focus on prey or a task and still chat, talk, listen to the kids in the vicinity etc. That capability has not been lost … instore audio uses it !

Barix IP Audio devices stream shopping radio into thousands of stores every day, worldwide. They have been installed for a reason – low power, reliable, providing excellent audio quality and all that at a low price – no satellite dish on the roof, no media to be shipped. Instore radio over the internet or the company VPN is affordable, proven – and available from Barix.


Visit the Barix Booth at the Digital Signage Expo, Feb. 24-26, 2009, Las Vegas Convention Center