Barix Radio now online
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Barix has cut a deal with DMD2, a swiss content provider, makers of

We will launch Barix Radio within the next days ! Official press release to follow.

Barix Radio is hosted by our friends at and provides a genuine mix of really good music, no ads, and is fully licensed in Switzerland, so you can listen to Barix Radio internationally for pleasure at home, in your office or even play it in your factory (you may owe local licensing in your country, something we cannot do for your or control).

Barix Radio, also serves as a nice test channel for Audio over IP applications, and we will preprogram the URL in the Streaming Client firmware so that you can instantly listen to nice music as soon as you have an internet connection (of course you can change that).

The stream is provided as a 128kbps MP3 stream, and an AACplus stream will follow soon.

Please provide feedback, either by our web contact form, or – of course, on the blog.


Ethersound (ES100/Spkr) in Barix products
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It took some time, but now – finally – the Ethersound implementation in the Barix devices is ready for prime time !

Barix was able to implement the ES100/Spkr variant (output only, no daisy chaining), which integrates perfectly within an Ethersound system, in Software.

The Functionality is useable in all Exstreamer and Annuncicom products, so you now have a wide choice of interfaces from Ethersound to amplifiers, direct to speakers, AES/EBU …. everything Barix can offer !

Very low delay (much less than 10ms with Exstreamer 1000), 2 independent channels per device which can be configured and dynamically controlled to output any of the 64 Ethersound Channels, and a very affordable solution are the key reasons for using Barix devices in an Ethersound installation.
And, of course, the same device can also be used for standard IP Audio distribution (but not at the same time, Ethersound needs exclusivity of the network).
If you want dynamic channel selection, you can combine the Exstreamer with an IR remote control or the VSC – volume source control.

The first customer project has been successfully installed and announced: Barix Ethersound installation

Typical applications include

– audience speaker interface in theaters, dance floors, stadiums
– listening stations in dressing rooms in theatres
– Ethersound based transportation audio systems – speakers
– Retrieve an Ethersound audio channel/signal and feed into an IP network (2 Barix devices back to back)

Please contact Barix for any questions !


read more on the Barix wiki – here is the direct link to the Ethersound page: Barix Wiki

Test tones and files in various audio formats
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Barix has published a collection of test tones and test files, available for free download for everyone, on the website.

These are intended for testing purposes in the IP Audio and IP Intercom applications, and sampled/generated in high quality. A wide choice of sample rates and codecs is available.

Please share with whoever may be interested.