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Hi everyone,

2 weeks ago Barix had an all hands event, which was a great opportunity to pull together our employees from across the globe – Europeans, North and South Americans. We spent 3 days not only getting lost in the Black Forest, but also exchanging ideas and learning from each other.
One lesson learnt was the importance of keeping in touch, both within the company and also with our customers. To do that, it makes sense to have more than one person contributing to the blog, hence my first post!

My name is David Gostick, I work in the Marketing team. In my time at Barix I’ve witnessed a lot of growth and seen some amazing projects come to life, from OEM projects for major multinationals like Bosch, through to helping nightclubs set up audio streaming to ‘share the scene’!

In future blogs I will share some of this with you, and I also hope that you will give feedback about your projects, so go on: tell us! We are always looking to exchange ideas and to grow the Barix community – maybe your solution could be an inspiration to others.

Happy Easter!


Exstreamer 105 now available from stock !
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the newest family addition to the Barix Audio over IP devices, the Exstreamer 105, is now available !

The new Exstreamer 105 is a sibling to the Exstreamer 100, the well known IP Audio decoder from Barix. Instead of the USB connection, which provides an interface for flash memory to store audio files, the new 105 model is equipped with a MicroSD slot.

Ideal for instore audio applications, the MicroSD can hold backup audio content, for example, and the card does not stick out of the device. For special applications, a “closed” front can be made available which secures the memory in the device.

Please contact your local Barix distributor if you are interested in purchasing the new device. All standard software which runs on the Exstreamer 100 also supports the Exstreamer 105. The device is shipped with the “streaming client” firmware.

Greetings !



do you remember that Barix provides a commercial free, well programmed internet radio stream for testing and listening ?
Barix Radio is now online since 2 years, and has been listened to in all continents !
The stream is fully licensed, high quality, no ads and no talk, just a great mix of Music from the seventies to the latest hits – tune in !

Here is the URL:

The programming is done by our partner DMD2 in Switzerland, and hosting/bandwidth is provided by our partner Streamguys in the US.

Let us know your opinion, email us with suggestions !


New amplified decoder gives businesses a true IP speaker solution to reach every customer in the building

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, January 25, 2010 — Barix is targeting the Digital Signage Expo (February 23-25, Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #1239) as the U.S. debut of its Exstreamer P5 amplified IP decoder, a new IP Audio innovation that allows businesses to integrate standard loudspeakers into IP-based, in-store/on-location audio systems. Its ability to operate in high-temperature environments and support Power over Ethernet (PoE) distribution provides many options for system deployments.

The Exstreamer P5 features a built-in amplifier and I/O connections to turn nearly any 8-ohm speaker into an “IP Speaker” solution. This enables a true end-to-end Audio over IP solution for businesses and organizations pushing background music, advertising, paging and other audio content to one or more speakers, zones or locations — from the entrance to the aisles, all the way to the restrooms.

Retailers, restaurants, clubs, hotels, offices, schools and universities are among those that can benefit from installing the Exstreamer P5 as part of a new IP Audio system or as retrofits into existing IP or legacy systems. The P5 can also integrate with SIP phone systems to bridge telecom and security, merging audio streams and real-time paging into an efficient, centralized messaging system. Integration with digital signage systems to synchronize audio and video is another possibility.

“There is a growing desire to improve audio distribution, in combination and synchronization with video in digital signage systems,” said Rietschel. “The all-in-one design of the Exstreamer P5 addresses the common concerns: affordability, robustness, an open-standards approach and the support of high-quality, low-latency applications such as audio-for-video. This includes universal support of IP standards including TCP/IP, RTP, SIP, Multicast and Ethersound. The P5’s flexibility also ensures that businesses are not limited in their architectural or environmental options.”

Like all major Barix products for digital signage/in-store audio applications, the Exstreamer P5 features IP addressability to enable targeted delivery of music and messaging to multiple zones within a single location; or to multiple locations in a chain of businesses. The P5’s rugged design can withstand high temperatures, making the device an ideal choice for ceiling speaker systems. Power over Ethernet (POE) support reduces infrastructure costs and simplifies deployments.

Some standalone examples of Exstreamer P5 audio deployments include:
Hospitality, including general and in-room systems for hotels, venues and cruise ships
In-store audio systems for retail stores, restaurants and other businesses
Background music and paging systems for office buildings and corporate facilities
Security applications, including PA playback points and SIP-based notification
Soothing audio in public locations, underpasses and corridors

Barix will also demonstrate its Store and Play software solution, a centralized, automated FTP/HTTP download and playback application introduced last year; and the Adiosys ad-insertion service for targeted, localized delivery of music, advertisements, promos and other audio programming.

“The Adiosys service has proven reliable for real-time ad insertion to chain stores and businesses with multiple locations, as well as in live, low-latency event streaming,” said Rietschel. “The service allows individualization of advertising and other inserts down to the device level, based on a streaming architecture which can be monitored in real time from a central location.”

All Barix products are inexpensive, low-power devices that are scalable to the growth of the operation offer high reliability through a PC-FREE design with no moving parts; and serve as a flexible platform for integration into virtually any operation requiring audio transport and delivery over IP networks. Barix also offers its programmable BCL standard open to all customers to easily customize applications for specific needs. Local control, audio relay and low-latency streaming are a few examples of custom programs using Barix’ BCL software environment.

Barix Partner Training in Singapore
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Thursday, Barix held a training session for regional distributors, system integrators and partners in Singapore, showcasing the new Exstreamer P5 (IP Speaker device), the Annuncicom 155 (EN50155 test IP Intercom device) and the full range of current Audio over IP devices from Barix.

A large demo, set up by Robert of Avanca, impressed the partners about what all can be done with IP Paging, IP based background music, IP Intercom and combinations of all of that !

We welcome Mitra Elektro from Jakarta, Indonesia, joining the ever growing group of Barix partners in the world.

On the picture: Staff from Avanca our Singaporean Master Distributor, Staff from Mitra Elektro and Johannes Rietschel, CEO Barix.

Barix training in Singapore

Many people use IP Phones at home. A very popular phone is the Siemens Gigaset product range, which provides analog line as well as VoIP/SIP connectivity. Models C470IP, C475IP, S675IP and S685IP are currently in the market.

But .. how do you connect a door intercom or door station to them ?

Fortunately, the latest SIP firmware for the Annuncicom makes a perfect companion for the Siemens Gigaset IP phones, it can talk with the Siemens phone via IP !

  • A visitor, who presses the “ring” button on the phone, places a SIP call to the Siemens base. This can be done “peer-to-peer”, so it won’t consume an account entry, and it does not need a PBX or server to work.
  • The DECT phones will ring, indicating a call from the IP address of the Annuncicom
  • The user can answer the phone talk to the person in front of the door, and also open the door by typing a configurable number sequence on the keypad (for example, “11″).
  • Even multiple Annuncicoms can be used in this fashion, for example, for front door and back door !

The solution works, of course, also with other SIP PBXes like Asterisk, but the beauty with the Siemens IP phones is that there is no servers, no PBX, only little configuration needed.

Contact us if you are interested in more details, or check out our wiki pages.