Ethersound (ES100/Spkr) in Barix products

It took some time, but now – finally – the Ethersound implementation in the Barix devices is ready for prime time !

Barix was able to implement the ES100/Spkr variant (output only, no daisy chaining), which integrates perfectly within an Ethersound system, in Software.

The Functionality is useable in all Exstreamer and Annuncicom products, so you now have a wide choice of interfaces from Ethersound to amplifiers, direct to speakers, AES/EBU …. everything Barix can offer !

Very low delay (much less than 10ms with Exstreamer 1000), 2 independent channels per device which can be configured and dynamically controlled to output any of the 64 Ethersound Channels, and a very affordable solution are the key reasons for using Barix devices in an Ethersound installation.
And, of course, the same device can also be used for standard IP Audio distribution (but not at the same time, Ethersound needs exclusivity of the network).
If you want dynamic channel selection, you can combine the Exstreamer with an IR remote control or the VSC – volume source control.

The first customer project has been successfully installed and announced: Barix Ethersound installation

Typical applications include

– audience speaker interface in theaters, dance floors, stadiums
– listening stations in dressing rooms in theatres
– Ethersound based transportation audio systems – speakers
– Retrieve an Ethersound audio channel/signal and feed into an IP network (2 Barix devices back to back)

Please contact Barix for any questions !


read more on the Barix wiki – here is the direct link to the Ethersound page: Barix Wiki

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