Urgent information about reported heating on Exstreamer 100

Dear customers,

Barix has identified a rare issue with the Exstreamer 100 devices shipped over the course of the last couple of months. Under specific conditions, a device may show marginal ESD rejection, get affected by an ESD discharge, and, as a consequence, use more power than normal. In extreme cases, this could trigger the power supply’s internal fuse to be blown. Due to overload.
Fortunately, the problem can be easily solved by ensuring a good grounding of the case, or making a good connection between case and logic board of the device. This can be ensured, without opening the device, by adding a small piece of metal (Copper or brass) to the DB9 connector cut-out. Specific instructions are available on request from Barix.

Domenico Gambino
Head of technical Sales & Support

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