Large-scale Barix Exstreamer 1000 installation
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here is a nice photo picturing a large installation of Barix Exstreamer 1000 devices (hundreds, this is only a part of the installation) …i can’t disclose as of now where that is – a press release and success story will follow 🙂


Barix Exstreamer 1000 Installation

Barix Exstreamer 1000 Installation

Barix Introduces IP Intercom and Announcement Device for Public Transportation Industry
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New Annuncicom 155 solution allows for on-vehicle configuration of reliable communication systems based on existing LAN/WAN infrastructures

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, August 24, 2010 — Barix AG, a pioneer in IP-based audio transmission, intercom, control and monitoring systems, introduces the Annuncicom 155 IP intercom and announcement device developed foremost for use on trains and in rail stations and tunnels.

The device, to be introduced at the Innotrans rail transportation show in Germany (Messe Berlin Exhibition Centre, September 21–24, Hall 4.1, Stand 216), enables systems integrators to set up tailored communication systems ranging from simple door intercom, PA and background music systems to complex monitoring functions and emergency announcement systems.  It is also the first Barix device to meet EN50155 standard requirements for rail vehicle installations.  (“Railways Applications Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock.”)

The basic principle of an Annuncicom 155 communication system is both elaborate and simple.  At least two devices are connected to a standard TCP/IP LAN network to exchange live announcements as well as priority, monitoring and control information for a standalone system.  Barix SIP firmware can enable integration into conventional SIP-based telephone systems.  Control signals and a serial port allow the connection of a selector switch, buttons or display.  This allows for destination selection and the control and display of connection status.

The Annuncicom 155 system can operate as a standalone system or in conjunction with PCs and central IT management in a standard network, enabling low-cost and quick configuration of the communication system while guaranteeing future expansion.

“As with all Barix products, the Annuncicom 155 is based on standard TCP/IP and works with Audio-over-IP.  This means it can be integrated very easily and conveniently into existing networks, and allows for wide-range networking and deployment – even in Multicast mode to simultaneously address any number of subscribers,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and Founder of Barix AG.  “Its stable design is perfectly suitable for harsh everyday operation in trains, buses and ships, as well as for deployment in general applications under harsh environments, including transport and industrial.”

The Annuncicom 155 conforms to the usual transportation standards including EN50121 and EN50155.  Devices without EN50155 conformity are typically not used in trains, carriages and other rolling stock for railways.

“The requirements for such devices are quite demanding, and we are happy to offer the first Barix product to the rail transportation industry that meets requirements for on-board use,” said Rietschel.

Door Intercom for Siemens Gigaset IP phones using the Barix Annuncicom
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Many people use IP Phones at home. A very popular phone is the Siemens Gigaset product range, which provides analog line as well as VoIP/SIP connectivity. Models C470IP, C475IP, S675IP and S685IP are currently in the market.

But .. how do you connect a door intercom or door station to them ?

Fortunately, the latest SIP firmware for the Annuncicom makes a perfect companion for the Siemens Gigaset IP phones, it can talk with the Siemens phone via IP !

  • A visitor, who presses the “ring” button on the phone, places a SIP call to the Siemens base. This can be done “peer-to-peer”, so it won’t consume an account entry, and it does not need a PBX or server to work.
  • The DECT phones will ring, indicating a call from the IP address of the Annuncicom
  • The user can answer the phone talk to the person in front of the door, and also open the door by typing a configurable number sequence on the keypad (for example, “11”).
  • Even multiple Annuncicoms can be used in this fashion, for example, for front door and back door !

The solution works, of course, also with other SIP PBXes like Asterisk, but the beauty with the Siemens IP phones is that there is no servers, no PBX, only little configuration needed.

Contact us if you are interested in more details, or check out our wiki pages.


Nice article featuring Barix in public transport application
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Hi, the Mass Transit Magazine published a nice article about the use of Barix IP Audio devices in a passenger information system, to be installed statewide in New Jersey. Read the article here:



Barix at ISE with full Audio over IP product range and IO Device Servers
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First day of ISE today – Barix is on site, showcasing the complete product portfolio of Audio over IP and IP control applications, including the new IO device server “Barionet 50”.

Visit us at the booth, mention this blog post to Marcel or myself and get invited for a Coffee !


Use a Barix Exstreamer to receive Apollo-11 radio traffic
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NASA will stream the radio traffic of the full Apollo 11 mission – exactly 40 years later. And your Barix Exstreamer is an ideal playback device to hear that important piece of history – including the most famous words :). The stream has started already, here is the direct link you can put into your Exstreamer (use the Streaming Client Firmware with WMA playback capability):


The mission will end July 24th – and the great famous words will be hearable at 04:56 European Summer Time (MESZ – but no warranty i got this right !) Here is the NASA webpage for reference: Unfortunately, Barix with its reliable Audio over IP technolgies has not been around in 1969, otherwise, i bet the products would have been used in the mission 🙂


Barix Training at Infocomm
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Limited space is still available for the Barix Training, which is held next week in Orlando alongside the Infocomm show.

The training will provide an overview about the products offered, the markets, and the technologies used in the Barix Audio over IP as well as IP control devices.

Participation fee is US$150, the attendee gets an Exstreamer 100, Barix’ most popular product, free with the registration, so that is actually a really good deal !

Please contact Barix if you want to participate, but hurry, the event is held already next tuesday (June 1th) !


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