Central solution for a large IP intercom system?

Barix devices can be perfectly used for IP intercom and emergency call post purposes. Our free ICGraph application (download from the website) can serve well for a PC based central solution, and we also offer a hardware console now (made by our OEM, MS Neumann Elektronik, who builds fully certified evacuation and industrial/oil and gas intercom systems using our IPAM IP Audio module).

However, what do you do if you need to handle potentially hundreds or thousands of call stations ?

Well – our SIP firmware comes to the rescue ! It can be used on all our IP Audio devices and makes them compliant to the standard SIP functionality – but with a twist: the source code is open, so you can add special behavior to the devices (and we can also do for you !)

As the central management software/solution, you can use any SIP based PBX, such as (free) Asterisk. You can typically configure hunt groups, queues, nighttime calling plans etc in a PBX easily, and use standard IP phones as consoles. Why re-invent the wheel if this is all available?

Of course, you can monitor the whole system independently from the PBX, add emergency capabilities (“all call” without the use of the PBX), background music etc.

We are happy to help planning such a solution – applications are numerous, being it an IP based nurse call system, highway emergency call boxes, a PA and intercom system for public transport … or an IP Audio entertainment and communications system for a cruise ship.


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