New STL IP software for Barix devices


a new STL firmware is now available here. This software provides a host of new features, yet simplifies the use. It can be downloaded freely and installed on all our standard Barix IP Audio devices (Exstreamer, Instreamer and Annuncicom). Not all features are working on all hardware (for example, on an Exstreamer 100 you can only use the decoding functionalities, obviously). Best performance and full features are available if you use it on Exstreamer 1000 or Exstreamer 500 hardware.

Here’s a screenshot:

STL Firmware screenshot

STL Firmware screenshot

Major improvements and new features:
– New WEB User Interface with profiles (Locations) and single Apply
Full Duplex PCM (uncompressed), up to 48KHz sample rate
– Analog Audio Output Silence Detection
– Analog Audio Input/Output VU meter bars
Low Latency Frame Buffering
– Selectable high quality A/D converter (at 32 and 48 KHz)
– USB playback as fail-over or by relay trigger
Reflector Client included in same load (either/or selection)

The camouflaging algorithm which takes care of dropouts has been further improved as well, brief dropouts due to RTP useage (which is unidirectional) are practically unhearable. It’s probably a quite well hidden secret that our devices do this since many years …



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