Barix to Show Complete IP Paging and Public Address Systems at ISC West

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, March 14, 2011 — Barix AG comes to ISC West 2011 (April 6-8, Sands Convention Center, Las Vegas, Booth 7131) with an emphasis on delivering complete IP paging and public address systems for professional security applications.

The IP audio and control pioneer, having recently announced technical alliances with industry-leading vendors including Milestone Systems, Sureview International and ipConfigure, is gaining attention in the professional security industry for its strength in building reliable, hardware-based IP solutions. At ISC West, the company will showcase its ability to deliver complete IP systems while also showing how new and existing Barix IP devices comprise such solutions.

“Security installers and systems integrators require working systems that are simple to install and pose no risk of operation,” said Johannes G. Rietschel, CEO and Founder of Barix AG. “Barix IP paging and public address solutions offer security professionals trustworthy, system-driven communication solutions.”

Barix IP paging and public address systems are based on various Barix Exstreamer IP audio decoders and Annuncicom two-way IP audio devices. Security professionals can mix and match a variety of devices based on the size and scope of the system, including two new products:

· Exstreamer P5, an amplified IP decoder with Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability that can turn nearly any 8-ohm speaker into an IP speaker
· Annuncicom 155, a ruggedized IP intercom and announcement device built to the EN50155 transportation standard for survival in harsh environments

All Barix Exstreamer and Annuncicom devices offer IP addressability — ideal for targeting messages to specific Barix end point devices and zones in a single or multi-location IP paging or PA system — as well as SIP integration for extending notifications to phones and mobile devices. Annuncicom IP devices add the capability of two-way intercom, allowing security personnel responding to an event to engage with human subjects at a door, access point or other location.

Large scale systems benefit from adding the Annuncicom PS16 Paging Station. The PS16 is a multifunction, standalone IP intercom, paging and PA master station that can connect to multiple Exstreamer and Annuncicom end devices — without the need for PCs or server software. The unit features 16 buttons with individual LED indicators (expandable to 112) for targeted, selected zones or “all-call” communications in larger facilities, parking garages, outdoor lots and other large spaces.

Visitors to the Barix booth can see all the above products, including the new Exstreamer P5 and Annuncicom 155 devices.

Exstreamer P5
The Exstreamer P5 gives integrators a way to install ‘IP Speakers’ without limiting their architectural and environmental options, including retrofits for legacy systems. In addition to its built-in amplifier and PoE capability to simplify deployments, the device enables zoning applications for multi-speaker systems and allows individual local/remote channel selection and volume control. Its ability to operate reliably in high-temperature environments makes the P5 ideal for ceiling speaker systems.

Annuncicom 155
Developed foremost for on-vehicle use in transportation, the Annuncicom 155 can act as a door intercom, PA, emergency announcement system and background music device. Its two-way capability also enables complex monitoring functions during critical situations that allow security personnel to listen in on an event. I/O options include supervised speaker/microphone connections, and the device incorporates a network switch for daisy-chaining Ethernet connections to simplify installations.

All Barix products are inexpensive, low-power devices that are scalable to the growth of the operation offer high reliability through a PC-FREE design with no moving parts; and serve as a flexible platform for integration into virtually and operation requiring audio transport and delivery over IP networks. Barix also offers its programmable BCL standard open to all customers to easily customize applications for specific needs. Local control, audio relay and low-latency streaming are a few examples of custom programs using Barix’ BCL software environment.

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