it’s good to talk….

Hi everyone,

2 weeks ago Barix had an all hands event, which was a great opportunity to pull together our employees from across the globe – Europeans, North and South Americans. We spent 3 days not only getting lost in the Black Forest, but also exchanging ideas and learning from each other.
One lesson learnt was the importance of keeping in touch, both within the company and also with our customers. To do that, it makes sense to have more than one person contributing to the blog, hence my first post!

My name is David Gostick, I work in the Marketing team. In my time at Barix I’ve witnessed a lot of growth and seen some amazing projects come to life, from OEM projects for major multinationals like Bosch, through to helping nightclubs set up audio streaming to ‘share the scene’!

In future blogs I will share some of this with you, and I also hope that you will give feedback about your projects, so go on: tell us! We are always looking to exchange ideas and to grow the Barix community – maybe your solution could be an inspiration to others.

Happy Easter!


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